Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ciao Sig. Nessuno


So it's been awhile since the last time I was on here! How has everyone been? There has been a lot of changes since the last time we post. We have multiple new writers, as well two new artist! We also have a special monthly crossover with Life as You Dream with Illya. Not only that, but we have many new things on the way! Vlog posts, artwork, new mini-series, and a special surprise that my fellow bloggers don't even know about. ;)

But as of now, I, Chris, and Tara will slowly catch you guys up to speed on the inter-workings of the site. But as for now, I shall post a three part poem that is part of "Project Searchman". I hope you like it!

Il Cardinale

Falling at someone else’s discretion
Personality drawn up
to another’s expectations.
The pen outside my hand,
fate drawing my path like a Puppet’s master
creates his puppets movements.
Emotion raging through the catacombs of my soul
Only to be repressed by
the restrictions of my pen’s holder.
Voices telling me of
my imperfection every waking hour,
Fingers pointing me to
the roads they want me taking.
Oh how I long for that
pen to be in my hand,
to finally get to write
a script made just for me.
Longing to think with my own soul,
But every day I wake up someone else.
I’m a little blue bird, singing to another’s,
While the Cardinal inside
sings an unheard song.
No, only the vengeful raptor
gets out of his own accord,
While the Desert Cardinal flies south,
waiting for winter to pass.
Shooting for Perfection to please others,
But never truly taking those steps please himself.
Sing your lonely tune Blue Bird,
For maybe the next day you’ll wake
the Cardinal you know you are.

Il Rapace

 Masked Cardinal, continue your flight,
Glide at top speeds and don’t ever stop.

 Mask off, Mask on,
Fly pass, they want nothing to do with you.

Mask on, Mask off,
They were simply waiting until you’re gone.

Trust you? HA!
Who would trust a Masked Cardinal?

They all have grown tired of you,
It’s time to move on.

You’re generic, you’re everywhere,
Your song ugly and dull.

 Who would take you when there is
A raven or hummingbird nearby?

Just glide non-stop,
And don’t open that beak again.

 This is where you belong,
Alone with me in the Northern blue sky.

L'Uccello Blu

Voices, Voices,
Crying, Dying,
All in My ears.

Hear them, See this,
Feel Love, Feel a Soul,
An loneliness with no end.

Mask off, Mask On,
The Queen of Hid-and-Seek.
Mask on, Mask Off,
Dodging me as always.

Who am I to talk?
I don’t even exist.
You know nothing of me,
Just like you should.

We are of two different worlds,
What chance did I really have?
I’m just like your mask,
Invisible to all except me.

Yet I can handle that,
They did it before you.
I desire hopelessness foremost,
Unlike these other fools.

Bash me, destroy me,
I’m fine with that too.
As all as you get what you want
You can forget about me too.

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