Friday, January 13, 2012


Hay guys its Aulene again. I just wrote this! I really liked it and I hope you do to. I got the inspiration from a guy named Tyler who lives in Colorado. I dated him for a year and I left him because he changed and hurt me. I look back and I regret nothing more then leaving him. I loved him and would go back if I could. Please comment and let me know what you think.

My life.
My breath.
My love.
All was yours.
You held me so dear.
Like crystal,
I was fragile.
Trusting you,
I gave myself up
to feel your warmth,
your tough,
your heart beating with mine.
as only those in love can understand.
Then I see it,
who you really are.
Your crystal shines no more.
The light on me is gone,
but where?
Across the sea,
over the mountains.
from me forever,
yet still
I would die for you.
I'm sorry,
come back.


~Edited by Quinton, Sharon

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