Thursday, January 26, 2012


Hay it's Aulene! This is a piece I wrote last year, but it is still one of my favorites. I wrote it because I was in a class where people would pick on me, make fun of me, and when I tried to talk to them they would laugh and walk away. This is about bullying. You really have to connect some things in order to get it to make sense with bullying. I really hope you like it. I would like you to comment and let me know your thoughts. Share your personal experiences. I would love to here them. Thank you!

They are lost.
They are all around us.
Lost souls.
Looking for a way,
A way out,
A way to escape,
But it's blocked by a haze.
A haze of shadows and memories
They look for loved ones...
The happy memories...
Just like that.
Invisible to us,
But all too real in this world.
Waiting for an exit,
An escape to a place of happiness.
Where they were seen, felt, and heard.
No longer ignored.
No longer walked through and stepped on.
A place of recognition and acceptance,
but it's unreachable, so they remain,
Remain lost souls.

~Edited by Sharon

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