Thursday, June 14, 2012

Too far

"Lust-filled Thoughts"

Slavery encapsulates this moment. Her hand lies under mine. Two hearts beat in sync. Sweet air wafts to and fro. Still I am a slave to her eyes, those dark eyes, as we stare at each other with sudden attraction.
A quiver shocks her lips as the slow seconds pass. Mine seem to mock the motion as I wait, unknowingly wanting something more. “Kiss me,” she says with the sweetest of smiles. Very briefly the picture of me committing the act flashes through my mind. Without commanding myself to do so, I lean forward. Our lips meet for the first time at the center of the space between us.
Minutes pass, or elongated mind cannot distinguish the former from the latter. So delicate but firm, her lips thrill me in a novel way.
Suddenly her fingers move from beneath mine; she grabs my hand. My heart flutters continuously. I’ve never felt like this before. I’ve never felt this good before. Now she kisses me harder as she places my hand atop her breast. “Touch me,” she gives a breathy whisper between pleasurable assaults upon my lips. Once again I comply.
Air around us becomes still, unnoticeable. Her body squeezes hard against mine, my hand rubbing harder against her breast. A soft moan escapes her lips as she pulls away from my lips. She’s breathing hard, and I can hear each breath as her mouth nears my ears.
“Fuck me,” she whispers softly. But I stop. My hand leaves her breast. I pull my head back. Once again, I’m staring deep into her beautifully dark eyes. I see what she wants. If the words had not fled from her lips, the answer would have easily been shared through the look she gives me.
“No,” I say softly, catching my breath. Confusion fills her expression.
“Why not?” Disappointment saturates her tone.
“Some things shouldn’t be so easy. Waiting seems better than rushing,” I utter without thought. Now anger slowly engulfs her dark eyes.
“Fine! Be like that!” she yells before stomping out of the room in a fit of rage. My fingers touch my lips in attempt to feel once more the pleasure she had given me at the start. In my mind, I relive the short encounter once more.
Why couldn’t something so simple be enough?

Fate drives me.

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