Thursday, June 7, 2012

A reminiscent story

picture by auroille
After two weeks of sharing some heavy pieces, I thought I might share something happier. This shorter story comes directly from my life (translation: it's actually happened).

I'm starting a new project, which will definitely turn into something you all will love. So, expect news on it soon, as well as more awesomeness from Aulene and Alex in the future.


In an open field we happily lie. Her heart beats softly as her body presses against mine. Stars in the sky shine brightly and make her visage glow beautifully. But, indeed, she's the only star I see tonight.
Her eyes are dark, like mine, but glow like flawed diamonds, more valuable than my life. I stare but can't seem to ignore my luck. "Why are you staring at me like that?" she asks with a giggle and, for a second, I'm stunned.
"Sorry..." I laugh nervously. "I couldn't help it." She snuggles closer to me; my heart races with the further touch of her elegant body.
"I don't know why," she speaks once more. "I'm not much to look at." In her words, a poison is held. Into the air, the poison spreads and the scene fades.

Where am I? She's no longer by my side. Who am I? My star is gone. What just happened? And reality comes back to this ill-fated world to balance happy thoughts once held.
Around me lies a dorm room, small and cluttered. In front of me stands a desk which hums with the vibration of a cell phone against its surface. I pick up the phone, knowing that my dreams have long fled. "There's just something about him..."  The message on the screen reads. "I can't let him go..."  She'd been my star years ago, but the light has faded from her touch.
"I'm sure things will work out if you keep trying." I type back. "Let your heart guide you."  Even in my optimism, the pessimism destroys my own heart as my mind cries out in anguish. What's happened? The past seems so impossible. Why did things change? The present feels terrible. I want her...I need her... But the future prevails with or without her.
As teenagers we'd let emotions carry us on radical winds. Now come the doldrums with ambiguous force; her actions have told me not to get involved once more. Heartache crushes me, but she's miles away and this dorm doesn't feel big enough for pity.
A vibration shocks my hand as I realize my grip on the phone. "I don't know Chris...I just don't fucking know..."  My heart pounds, but my fingers type neutrality.
"Tory, you'll be fine. Everything has a purpose."  And so my mind drifts back to her and I lying in the field as I ponder the purpose of such times ending. My chair creak as I lean back and stare into space. "Or maybe I'm only kidding myself," I state. "For what purpose should I love? Purposes evade my sight in the end..."
One more vibration brings me back. "I miss you."  The message reads, but my answer has always been implied. 

Fate drives me.

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