Tuesday, June 19, 2012


photo by WinterDruidess
Hey guys! It's Aulene once again! This is a brand new piece! I wrote this because I realized that so many people want to stick to their sterieotype or stay in the saftey of their click. I want to encourage everyone to step into someone else's shoes and see how they live and how they view things. The world is a lot bigger when you open up your mind to new possibilities. Comment please! Thank you! <3


Take a chance
On me
For once
In something new
In someone new
Someone with a different look
A different taste.

Take a chance
On me
And be crazy
To be seen
To act crazy
See life in a new light
To walk a mile
In someone else's shoes.

Take a chance
on me
To new heights
To find a new person
To find a new love
At a risk
Now tell me
Would you take the chance?

~ Aulene

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