Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nothing Special

photo by JessicaBlain
Hey guys this is my piece for this week. I got the inspiration for this piece from my old friend. We have been best friends for two years and she stopped talking to me about three weeks ago and I don't know why. I felt really hurt and like I had no one to turn to because this is the first time this has ever happened to me. I know we have all had hard times and I encourage you to comment and tell me about it because it always seems to help when you have someone to talk to. I love you guys. :) Thank you.

Nothing special

Nothing special
Just me
Sitting in this dark cave
Finding shards of rock I begin
I begin building my wall
My protection
I am not made of stone
Like you
Blood runs through my veins
Anger rages
And if you drop me I break
I'm not different than you
Mentally I can see the truth
Just a little too late
Too late to get the heart to pull back
See who you really were
That mask is your disguise
Your lie
You played it well
I believed you
Then you left
Leaving your broken mask behind
For years it collected your lies
Without it I can see the truth
Your truth.
You're nothing special
Just another mask

~ Aulene

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