Tuesday, June 5, 2012

End of round one

Aulene's taking a much-needed vacation, so I thought I might share a brand new piece with you in her stead. This piece is entirely a free-write, without edit, so judge it as you will.

photo by Racebabe


"Climb to new heights."
"See the world anew."
"Instead of one, be two."
"Don't give in 'those nights.'"

I'm a boxer, fighting myself.
Not one thought's
been one I've bought.
I'm trapped as someone else. 

Round one starts here
where minds meet hate
Or maybe just lonely Fate.
But, still, I can't show fear. 

Exes from each corner.
Bitches from each state.
They rob me of a clean slate.
A new meaning's given to 'former.'

"You still love her, don't you?"
"Why'd you cause her pain?"
"Must you be so lame?
"Think she still 'loves' you too?"

Questions and thoughts come
like punches upon my jaw.
They judge regret like law.
Soon I'll be undone.

An insult I should've fought
comes, but I don't defend.
No, I only wish to make amend.
She must remind me of what I'm not.

"Think about who you are."
"Do you feel shame?"
"Why must she share the blame?"
Defeated thoughts never get me far.


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