Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Hey guys its Aulene!! So this is a really old piece. I probable wrote this about two years ago. It is about how I feel about a guy I couldn't have; then, the girl who got him ended up breaking his heart. It made me really upset because she had everything, and I could see how bad she had hurt such an amazing person. This may be an old piece but the feelings are still true. Please comment. Tell me about your experience like this. Everyone has one. Thanks for all your support. <3


Her chest sinks in
She feels nothing

He is broken
He feels pain

She does not look back
He cringes at the hurt in his broken heart

Sharp shards stab him from inside
His wrists bleed a maroon river

She doesn't even look back to say...
What could she say?

She hurt him and can't take it back
Everyone sees it

Everyone knows it
But her,

I loved him!
Why are you so cruel?

So heartless inside.
So empty.

Empty of emotions. Heart.

She is numb
I just wonder how you will feel...

When you feel his pain
The pain of sharp shards,

But your heart is gone
Leaving you empty.


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