Thursday, October 25, 2012

Differences between time and space


There’s no end to the distance.
Time pushed you away;
            Time brought you back.
Still, Earth is a large place to these eyes
            That still want to see you
                        Every day and night,
            Or these arms of mine
                        That only wish
                                    To hold you
Closer than ever.

Each night I dream of you.
Each day my body aches
            Just to feel your presence.
“Missing” you is more relative than “love,”
            Yet, I swear, both describe
                        My thoughts each day.

Sunshine brings a reminder of times
            When I took seeing you for granted.
Grade school was so long ago;
            Junior year was forever ago…
I hated those years so much,
            But I’d return
                        Just to have you near.

The future will be bright
            As long as it contains you.
Eventually, I know, Fate
            Will bring us back to the same room.
If not, I’m sure “comedy” sings a different tune;
For, a tragedy no longer describes us.

Fate drives me.


Shattered Lies

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