Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Food for thought 11/05/2010

For the very few who use to read the pieces I posted on Facebook, these assortment of thoughts are surely nothing new. In fact, two years have made the original subject completely out-dated. The message still stands though, and, as I try to express daily, the past shares many parallels with the present.

Usando solamente mi corazón,

Vivo por nada,


Every lie starts with the truth that I do not care at all.


If there is a heart inside my chest,
Then let it break.
If I must feel so lonely,
Then let others feel free.
If my happiness means nothing,
Then I'll just be me.


Do you see the man
Staring out behind these eyes?
He's pining for that one girl
He sees everyday.
There's no rhyme nor reason
To the mentality he wishes was shared.
Yet, there's no chance
That such hopes will come true.
Do you see the tears
Forming behind his eyes?


Shattered Lies,
Raise them above the truth.
I cannot live up
To life's expectations.


Here I am
There I lied
To you
Because you knew
I was petrified
To hear your voice
And see your face
If only
I could make sense
Of this goose chase.


Giving back to this world, I give solely my soul for you to take.

Fate drives me.


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