Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cloud over her head

Hey guy its Sabrina Black, this weeks piece is about depression. We all come into contact with it one way or another. Whether it be death of a family member, divorce, or loneliness. Its hard to overcome depression and go through it. Just remember it always will get better and you just need to find the light in life. If you smile long enough you will be happy.

The moon shines through the fingers of the trees, surrounded by a blanket of darkness. Whispers haunt her as she walks across the lone path. The sound of crunching leaves sends shivers up her spine. It’s a nightmare unfolding into reality like a horror scene.
Cold, alone, and scared, no one’s there to hold her hand. Hurtful words, terrifying memories,and great disgrace manipulate her mind. Sleep is her only companion that gets rid of the pain. Deep down, she screams for help, but no one can hear her cry. Her heart has a missing piece cut out. She can never heal with the burden of sorrow and grief that take her soul.
The moon lights her way through the forest. The cool wind pierces the hair on her arm. Not a star in the sky to grant the wish she desires. She tries to hide her face with her hoodie. Lost and cold, her feet lead her to a graveyard, surrounded by a sharp,metal fence. Entering it there is no turning back to the past of which she came from.
Looking at the headstones, the pounding of her heart grows louder as she sees the grave of her mom.  It reads:
In loving memory of Grace Swan 1960-2011.
Her eyes fill with tears as she looks upon the terrible sight that will stay with her for the rest of her life. She is lonely forever, no one to comfort her through struggles. No one to tell her the barriers of life or protect her from harm. Screaming at the top of her lungs “ Why did you leave!” “I’m all alone because you’re out of my sight, but tell me why can I still feel that you’re here with me on this lonely night.”
Now comes the hardest part: Remember? Or stay stuck?

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