Wednesday, October 3, 2012


I wish that I could regain this peace

That dwells deep in my soul...

What is the point of all this? 

This thing we call life? 

I knew that answer once 

My purpose is not based on my feelings alone

But also my decisions 

Like love

It is not wholly a feeling, but also a decision.

A balance is needed

Without it chaos ensues 

My life has been an example of that

The one who brings balance to all things is Jesus Christ. 

This piece is something that reflects how I feel at this point in time. 
There are two lessons I believe that I have learned just recently. 
That love as we perceive it is not based on our feelings alone, but also making a decision to say, "I will love you through the hard and easy times and will never give up on you for anything."

Also that in finding our purpose in life is not about satisfying our desires, and yes all humans have "needs" but the decision to follow Christ is essential for salvation and a truly fulfilled life. 

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