Friday, October 12, 2012

A Thousand Words

An inspiration from a time of love at first sight, Christmas wishes blossomed in the air that day so did one of mine.   It's been so long since I have looked back and  to say my heart has never felt the same since that day. Now we finally met again.

~Sabrina Black  

"Where is the love?" by julkusiowa

“I miss You”
Remember that day we met? That day when our eyes met, and shared more than words could describe , at the Christmas party in December of ‘07.
I was sitting with on the floor talking and laughing to one of my old friends. Holding a Christmas gift that seemed to hold magic that day. I looked up to the ramp that led to the living room, was you coming down closer to me. The disbelief in my eyes when being drawn to you grew stronger and stronger.
In my heart, I needed you in my life, or loose myself in sorrow and pain. I just felt I need you to look in my eyes to notice I was there.
Getting the attention your hungered my heart. I followed you as if I knew you for a thousand years. Then you met my eyes; our hearts became inseparable.
Now, looking back, my love for you has gotten stronger. Each day you’re here with me, even though distance is a barrier.
“Distance”, who knew it would mean so little for love in someone’s heart.

~Sabrina Black APLIW

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