Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hey guys it's Aulene. The sight had an off week last week so that is why I didn't post. We wanted to take a week off to write and get refreshed for ,hopefully, some great new pieces.
This weeks piece is about my stepmom and my brother. My brother is my step mom's only kid and she spoils him and lets him get away with almost anything and I constantly get in trouble for stupid things or things that he does. This is just about my strugle in trying to find out why she expect so much out of me and not him.
I am sure those of you that have siblings can relate to me.
Sometimes you just feel like you want to walk away and never come back.
Let me know what you thing of this.
Thank you for all your suppor guys!
Your High Standards
Once upon a time...
I had a dream...
A life...
A home...
Then you came along.
Marriage was the ticket
To the American boys money
Then the passing of one
Left only two
Two sisters
Looking for a home,
Looking for understanding.
At first it was nice
Loved and respected
Touched and understood
Behind every mask
Holds the truth
Truth of disgust
Of fury
And lies
Yet there Alec sits
High on his pedestal
As spoiled and rotten as one could be
Doing everything wrong
Lying to your face
Andy denying it all
Then here it comes
Your yelling at me again
For something he did
You expect straight A's... I’m dyslexic
You expect me to just know
You expect me to understand your high standards
You expect Alec to stay home
You expect him to take a nap at noon
You expect him to have fun as a kid
Why only me?
Why am I getting punished?
Why do only I have to follow your high standards?
You once asked me...
"when I introduce myself, Can I say I’m your mom?"
I said yes
As if it was an alarm,
Off came your mask
Out came the witch
Your double standards
They get more obvious
Every day
Why do you expect so much?
Why me?
Why not him!
Be tough on Alec!
The one who really deserves it!
You have the image,
Engraved in your brain,
That Alec is perfect.
You have this image,
Engraved in your brain,
That I’m not.
You can't see what Alec is
He's your only kid
That makes him perfect?
But I’m not your kid
Does that make it fair?
To hold me to your high standards?
You expect so much from me,
And so little from him
So I’m leaving
All I want it equality,
Not to be bullied,
By your high standards

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