Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Wonder never leaves us.

Deep in our hearts we still wonder.
with this wonder comes our hope.
We look to the sky and things around us & on the inside we are thinking of all the possibilities and opportunities out there.
We dream as we see things pan out for us and see each goal being met.

We wonder in love.
Could it be? We wonder. 
With wondering comes exploring, with exploring comes adventures, with adventures comes experiences of a lifetime.

When we wonder we see things differently than each other. Yet we are linked by the subject of hope.
& of dreams.

Wonder. It exists in all of us.

-"wonderbabe" is what my father has called me since I was a toddler. He said I always looked like I was up to something or curious about something. I wondered about things and people wondered about me and the mystery I made of myself."

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