Thursday, November 29, 2012


Sorry for the lull in posts. Here's a fresh piece about someone very close to my heart.

The sun sets on the horizon. Darkness creeps upon the land. Black thoughts are cued by the season, but only lighter thoughts are at hand.

I lie here upon a bed of life. Death runs far away. Images of the woman I love float in the air, and make dreams seem more welcomed than the day.

Her warm eyes stare at me from afar. Sweet lips beckon me to kiss. No one I’ve ever met could make me feel so light—no, not like this.

Though darkness may entreat upon the windows. Though light may leave. Brightness greets me in ways I could never before believe.

Still, I solely lie upon this bed. Her warmth seems so distant. In reality, I am alone, but, by the setting sun, I am with her in an instant.

Fate drives me.


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