Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Suffering heart

Suffering is one of the greatest factors any person goes through in their life. It shapes who you are and what you can become. Many places this can be found is disaster, a broken heart, or loss in any way. Times get tough but you have to face your problems or else they wont get better. I have been broken twice by the same person making my heart give up. But also teaching me to choose the people who really matter. I hope you guys like it.

"Broken" by audeemma

As I sit alone with my thoughts of you, my heartbeats faster like thunder pounding its echoes though the sky. I want you back in my arms, to be against your lips, to be free and loved by you…but I see there is another…
She has fallen for you, and I’m discarded like trash,left in total darkness. I scream: “I NEED YOU!!! I want my love back!” but you and her can’t hear me nor do you care about my heart bleeding drops of blood on the floor. My heart has been destroyed by you for the last time. What did I ever do to deserve my heart taken out of me and you slowly squeezing it. Digging you fingers into my heart as you’re watching my body frail.
I’m slowly dying as I see you don’t want me in your life, that what we had honestly means nothing to you.
I wish I was wrong but all you two care about is me disappearing into thin air, never to be seen again. Would that make you feel happy? Do you get pleasure watching me while I’m wither on the floor  inside me I still love you but you mean nothing to me after the pain I suffered , making me drown in my tears and slowly be no more.

Sabrina Black

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