Friday, November 16, 2012


Mistakes, everyone has to make them some way or another. Its life they way we have to navigate through barriers and consequences that come with the choices we make. We hurt people along the way but they don't realize they make the same mistakes as you do. In that case we should have more understanding towards others and ourselves to admit we make mistakes. Life isn't perfect accepting that is all up to you.

"Trois Sentiers"
White skies cry frozen flakes which effortlessly fall into her hand. Most of it lies still in the grass creating a blanket wrapped for miles and miles. Silence is all that exists, bringing peace to the battered earth.
Wearing a grey coat with a white hat and a pair of gloves,she walks gently as her boots press into the frozen sidewalk. Tired and weary from the pain of her journey through life and the consequences through her choices. She has had enough, and now continues on to the unknown future ahead.
Jack Frost bites her nose, making shivers echo through her body. As the sidewalk splits into three paths in the winter wonderland. On the left is struggle through pain, dwelling on the past, and never forgiving yourself. The middle path is being a shadow of someone that makes decisions for you or follow them like sheep. The one on the right is unwritten, a new beginning waiting for you to write your future.
Once you pick there’s no turning back. It’s time to stop the worry and make your life.

Sabina Black

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