Monday, November 12, 2012

Life is beautiful

You don't have to be restrained to the negatives of life. A famous thing to say is, "Well that's life." But it is said in such a sour tone.

Life, its full of new and passing away the old. People coming and going. Born, dying. New memories outshining the old.

This week I had the privilege to stay in the smoky mountains. It was so quiet and surreal up there. I didn't want to move from where I was when I sat down on a hilly side of the mountain. From where I was I could see mountains for miles and trees of all colors. This past week I forgot about the election, my worries about working on the holiday, and financial issues. I breathed in that clear air and for a moment I was in heaven, I was set at ease, full of peace. The beauty was bigger than my problems. I came to the realization that life can be something I take as an opportunity for adventure, the bad times are the challenges that I will overcome and in the end they won't matter. 

"Beauty overcomes the ugly, Happiness overcomes the sorrow, and Hope overcomes the doubt."

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