Thursday, November 1, 2012

A loaded god complex

A everyone. This week's been a little slow on posts due to the hectic school schedules all of us our facing.

But, fear not! More great fiction is only a pen's stroke away.

Photo courtesy of Kristen's Photography

"A Mindset Un-befitting for the Fire in My Soul"

I awoke from a dream, only to find life less fulfilling.
I escaped from my mind, only to find that everything'd been figured out.
I wished for a way to simply say all the words that I thought.
I realized that, at every turn, I cannot.

Some things are better left to the hands of fiction.
This god complex could be an example of that.
Greed, wrath, and lust all consume my being.
Hell, living has lost all meaning.

Instead, I use to exist purely to find knowledge.
Omniscience doesn’t affect my mind.
Yet, now, I find myself living for better reasons.
For love has touched my crown.

As arrogant as I’ve always been, the curse had run me through.
To think that I'd never known who I am.
I just can’t imagine it now.
No, I just can’t imagine it now…

Fate drives me.


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