Sunday, November 18, 2012

Self Centered

I'm lost, and destine never to be found,
Down and out not knowing where I'm going next.
Hearing you’re with her is like a hell in my mind,
Blanking out all my thoughts.

                But I’m slowly finding my way.
                My heart soars with the possibilities,
                of who I could be.
                My creativity coming back to me.

Just knowing that you're better with her than me,
Kills every inch of my soul.
I'm not the girl I was before,
And I'll never be that girl again.
                 The things that may have brought me to tears
                 have become my biggest strengths.
                 I have to thank you,
                 For ruining me.

Hearing your name,
Makes me draw a blank.
                My mind colored with new ideas,
               That blank canvas splattered with neon

Hearing your voice brings tears,
Knowing you don't love me,
Brings that irreplaceable shatter,
That makes my chest tighten.

                I can finally hear your voice,
                and know everything will be okay.
                Shard by shard,
                I’m slowly being put back together

I've lost you for good,
And I'm not sure what to do.

               I’ve found myself,
               and I have a bright future.


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