Tuesday, November 13, 2012


"Alone" by Partofus

Hey guys it's Aulene again!!!

This peace is about my dad who forgot me. He was supposed to pick me up and forgot beause he was hanging out with my brother. The principle of the thing made me mad that I come in second place to my brother all the time. His feeling are getting more and more clear lately and that is why my little brother is kind of behind a lot of my peaces lately.

Have you guys ever felt like you have been treated unfairly like this before? If so then comment and tell me your stories. I would love to get to know you guys a little better.

Thanks for all your support!!! <3 nbsp="nbsp">


"Sorry I was buisy"
"Sorry I got distracted"
"Sorry I was out"

Sure let's pretend you were "busy"
Or you got "distracted"
What's the real reason?
You forgot

You forgot me?
Your first daughter?
Do you care?

You are always there...
For him.
Do I even exist?
I am disappearing

Step by step
With each passing car
Yet I hope

"The next car is you"
"You will back me up on this"
"You will be there"
Just hopes

Nothing real
Nothing solid
Nothing trustworthy
For over and hour I sat

But still no sight of you

You just don't care
You never did
Stop lying to me!

Tell me the truth
For once
Just admit it...
You forgot me...


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