Monday, November 26, 2012

Tis the Season.

So it's Monday again. Time to post.

This season is special, and not just because it includes my birthday. That just makes it even better. (haha.)

Christmas time is the time of year where families get together, even after not seeing each other all year. Its full of memories that go with you wherever you go; & those memories hit you when the season returns.
I myself have lost a lot of loved ones over the past few years, as many of us do since we are all growing up.
This time of year reminds me of the happy times with those people.
All throughout the year I miss them like crazy and my emotions go up and down on missing them so bad to the point of being depressed. 
But this time of year is special, yes so very special.
The warmth of love and glow of holiday spirit surround me.
I reflect on the whole year, see how far I've come, & I am grateful.
There is magic in the air & I am joyful as a child. Everything seems to fall into place.
I hope and pray that even if it is tough year round, that this season touches everyone. Rich or poor. No matter the life situation.
I pray everyone has the chance to tell others they love them this season. It doesn't matter if you can't afford them a gift. Just make sure they know.
I pray that you are touched by love and carry it on with you. 
I hope this season is good to, as it brings out the good in most of us.
& Just know there is someone greater out there than St. Nicolas to take care of you.

Good tidings to you, & may all your wishes this season, come true.

With love,
Kristen Nicholl

(Pictured is my brother, sister, & I many Christmas' ago.)

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