Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Photo by Kristen Nicholl

It's the day before Christmas here in Ohio, and I can practically feel the excitement in the air.

People have rushed into stores, grabbing as much merchandise as possible. So much greed has been shown these past few months...but, somehow, tomorrow everyone will turn into "saints." Caring will replace hatred, and, for one day, I'll have faith in most of the human race.

Oh, what a great day it'll be!

Today's piece shares that feeling from the eyes of Alex Arlington. This week will be full of similar posts, stop by each and every day to read them all and join us on tumblr for the delayed post of each piece and special views of each of our Christmases.

Happy holidays everyone!

“Cuando era niῆo…”

I awoke to sunny  thoughts of the frigid air outside. Every year, when I was younger, I’d awake to snow-covered seas of frozen fields. Now, the scene has been replaced by the sight of cars as they pass by on the highway below my bedroom window.
“One,” I whisper the command to split into another form of myself. For seconds I sit on both sides of a border between the past and present before I come back to my regular self. Slowly, my face starts to mimic the happiness of the child I’d seen a decade ago.
A mask over my cynicism it may be, but the thrill is real. Only a day is left before Christmas. Soon the presents will come, and love will sweep the world. I can’t help but feel the overwhelming pleasure of peace soon to be realized.
Slipping out of bed, the feeling fails to fall from me. No. The feeling shall never fall from me.

Fate drives me,

hate divides me,

but love keeps me grounded.

~Christopher Shorten

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