Friday, December 14, 2012


Tis the season for joy and for those coco and cookies, not to mention the egg nog.  Now to get in the mood for Christmas everyone loves a good story. So sit in your confy chair or bed by a warm fire all in your pajamas with slippers. It's time for a tale.


Inside a warm house Elizabeth sits on the couch with a film of snowflakes on the window. There is a distanced look in her eyes, as she watches the droplets one by one. Thoughts come and go of the one she lost. Pain shocks her heart. Her eyes fill with tears remembrance. Love has walked away from her.

Elizabeth had been married for 10 years to Jacob. Their love grew stronger each passing year but then came to a tragic end…


December 24, 2006


Elizabeth and Jacob were driving home on icy roads after a Christmas eve party with friends. As Jacob drives he comes to a curb and parks the car. “I have a present for you," he says gently. He opens a box, inside is a gold watch shaped into a heart with a chain and diamonds around the heart. On the side of the watch there's a button that opens it into a locket. "This will keep me in your heart forever, Merry Christmas."

She is in shock, and all Liz can do is kiss him, the last kiss she will ever give him.

A flash of lights starts coming toward them. A semi-truck, spinning out of control, t-bones the couple’s car, causing it to flip five or six times until it lands upright.

As sirens come up Liz wakes up gasping for air. " Jacob! Jacob!" no response. She and Jacob went onto the gurneys to a hospital. Liz was still panicking "Jacob Jacob!” Then she passed out.

Slowly opening her eyes, she sees a doctor standing over her. “Where’s Jacob! Is he ok?!"

The doc puts his head down and says, "He didn't make it. I'm so sorry."

“No No!” Liz bawls. She can't believe it. She lost a precious key to her heart. As she cries she looks down at her cut neck and the locket is still on.



She remembers his last words that echo through her head: “This will keep me in your heart forever.” Six years have passed, and she is alone for Christmas Eve, still lost in the past.

She makes a wish. "I wish I could be with him one more time," she says with a sigh. Then she looks out the window again and sees a figure in front of her lawn. “Could it be?" she asks herself.

She goes to the door and heads out in the snow. there was him with flowers. She exchanges looks of love, and they dance together in the night one last time.

Sabrina Black



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