Thursday, December 6, 2012

"Idiots. Idiots everywhere!"

This next piece comes from some obvious frustration. People in the real world tend to look down on people like me (for reasons I don't fully understand). At some point, I hope it will stop...


Innocence describes the past, now too far away to comment. In the present judgments waver and people would rather condemn.

A tragedy is how his story goes, without the ability for society to see. No, they know how it goes. There remains no purpose to read…

Poor Alex Arlington, and the fate he’s been given. They call him a “liar,” a “killer,” or a “creep” (to say the least). Yet, they don’t understand…They don’t wish to understand that he’s just a man.

“He’s a beast! No man would act in such a way!” they might say, but alas what man would act so dishonorably toward a fellow human?

Irony is the world’s most profound language. Drama is its most sacred meal. I guess, in order to prove them wrong, poor Alex will just have to deal. 

Fate drives me.


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