Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Trial by Fire

"Flying" by *MindTuber

For anyone following me on Tumblr, this may not exactly be a "new" piece, but it's too relevant to leave to one blog alone. 
Life often leaves us in scenarios too dangerous to stay. It's unfortunate that we may stay in them regardless. To that point, I continue writing and fleshing out why it is that such pain is all too enjoyable. Yet, regardless, the heart which beats in my chest can't possibly hold out against such misery for long. 
Maybe that's why the title of this piece makes so much sense...


The times, they flew away
With the sanity I’d been holding
For two people, me and you
It’s no walk in the park
Only a jury by fire, with acts
Like you never knew
Tired thoughts, drift away
To the sea containing hope
Or painful years lost
With one word, it’s all lost
And, no, I can’t take the tears
Or the unbelievable cost


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