Monday, April 22, 2013

Four Sides of the Same Coin

"Split" by `PorcelainPoet

Some of my first poetry experimented with the idea of a "dual-voice." Often, types of such work can be witnessed en masse in conjunction with introverted dialogue. However, I generally felt as if many of the works didn't capture the the image I was looking for. 
As such, my dual-voice poetry took the form of two characters discussing life and, in general, working to a concise resolution of problem (with both characters being different sides of one individual). I always enjoyed creating those kind of pieces. So, when "Four Minds for Self-Consideration" emerged from a random free-write, I was ecstatic! Two voices at each others' throats while two others talk about life in an overly-dramatic, but symbolic, fashion. I find it almost hilarious, honestly, but I'll leave you all to your interpretations.

"Four Minds for Self-Consideration"

The Ignorant

Loneliness was once the subject of life. Isolation claimed the place of interpretation. For all it’s worth, neither were true. Friends crushed the loneliness. Self-acceptance cured the isolation. Yet, words from this pen still claim:
“Everything’s the same.”
What kind of mind curses itself so readily? How many trials escape time to prove a difference? Answers are harsh, but the lies held inside are cannibalistic. The worlds this pen describes can’t sustain the night. But worried minds can’t hold onto the light.

The Analytic

Like a black hole, feelings collapse without a hair; without a trace to mark their names. Given recollection of the past, nothing can remain. Lost and forlorn, in purgatory, they must wander. Hollow and alone, the mind must now wonder where the times went.
A life without emotion stains the mind and soul alike. Like eternal indecision, the universe can’t decide the meaning of this moment or the next. Losing all subjectivity would be the true test.

The Cynic

Speaking once of tragedy, these lips couldn’t counter the heart. From the start, the brain had no voice. Still, the brain has no voice. “Friends crushed the loneliness.” Everything’s the same… “Self –acceptance cured the isolation.”Everything is the same! Are you blind or just delusional?
Happiness is a topic well-worn. Depression is a matter beaten to a pulp. Truth needs to share itself among the ignorant, if only to understand the brain’s point of view. All the same, your insisting has no value; your light has no lux. Give in to the fate ahead of you or die in the struggle to retain your air of arrogance.

The Hopeful

Just as a supernova, I’ll explode beautifully onto the scene. Leave behind the smaller star that I am inside. True intentions will show in the end in their most dedicated form. Oh, how anticipation rises at the thought of a day when balance will be reached. Let the event horizon from the former hole escape into the next dimension.
Space is so much emptier with its disappearance. One day, all these decisions will form regrets, but peace….Ah! Peace! It’s wonderful, and no substitution could replace the calm after the storm of tragic waves from the unknown.

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