Friday, April 5, 2013

Tragic Loss

Hey guys it's Sabrina Black this week has been emotionally scaring my great grandma died recently but this piece is related not only to my loss but for everyone who has gotten a horrible call that at the other end all you is their gone. Just know not to give all hope up and a friend told me that she would like me to be happy and not grieve.

“The Call”

Every summer I see you
Your loving face
The sound of your voice comforts me
It's the song of love ringing through the sky
You held me as a baby
Now you watched me grow
You whispered in my ear that you’re proud of me
The hugs you give are warm they keep me safe from harm

As time goes on we grow old
You just turned 92 and still strong as an ox
Then you whispered: I feel pain my body is weak and slowing down
My time is coming for me to be with him
Those are the words that pound in my heart
Knowing the time is coming
I don't want to believe that you’re leaving

I want you to stay here holding me
Kissing me on the forehead goodnight
Spending the day with laughs
Letting you go is hard on me and my family
The beeps of the hospital bed finally rang
You lay so peacefully sleeping as we watched you
Day by day waiting for the moment to cry and weep

March 30th Easter Sunday at 10:20 am
You breathed your last breath
*ring *ring *ring
Of the telephones
A voice on the other end
Whispers: She's gone.

RIP Nanny

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Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear. <3 If you know who this is.. I'm here for you!