Thursday, April 4, 2013


I see signs all around me. I've been seeing them in my every day life recently and it got me encouraged to wright this small piece. Enjoy!

       The are all around us. They are always there but rarely seen. Hardly ever heard. They are the words which we read in books. They are the noises which we hear in the air around us. They are not always easily recognized, yet still always there. These things which are all around us are signs. These signs determine our every day life. They help us make choices. They can change those choices. They can also change our lives. They can change our lives for the better, or they can change our lives for the worst. It all depends on the sings we choose to follow. So, which signs will you follow? Which signs will you let determine your every day life? Your choice in anything can lead you to a good outcome. But be warned, for it also can lead you to a bad one. Choose wisely.

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