Friday, April 26, 2013

Some Fresh Memories

"Forgotten Memories" by WiciaQ

This next piece is slightly different. As with much of my poetry nowadays, it's born from a free-write without much purpose. I start out with a line or topic and see where it leads me. This is among one of the current pieces in which I've tried to recapture some sort of meter in my writing and struck me as a great release for political frustration.

Definitely let me know what you think

"Forlorn Tribute"

Past crimes pile up

Memories are born from flames

Bridges crumble now

A mind that is far from tame

Lessons learned in a night

Tragedies born by day

Cancers cured instantly

Souls still burn far away

Stunted from real life

Wings clipped before youth

Cry out for succor

Lies are born anew

Sunder the careless moments

Tear drops fall like fresh rain

Sour eyes can’t pick-up sorrow

Clean hands can’t feel the pain

A life is worth living

Living falls under lost time

Time follows nothingness

Nothingness ends the rhyme


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