Thursday, August 9, 2012

A New Strive

"Jesus Walks"

“Jesus walks!” says the preacher to the congregation in a giant room. “He walks among us, inside us. He is in your heart, if only you would let him in. Peace awaits those who give their lives to God! Salvation is for the good. Who among us is not good?”
“Me!” yells a man amongst the crowd. “And you! And you!” yells the man as he points to the crowd, the preacher, and everyone on scene. “We are all sinners, and God wants none of us! You believe you’ve given your heart to Him? Lies! All lies!”
“Blasphemy!” responds the preacher. “God is for all!”
“Do you call God a whore?” The man’s face distorts in disgust, and the congregation stares at the silent preacher.
“Both of you know nothing,” a woman speaks up from the back, and all lend their eyes. “There is no god. For what god would force us into lives so terrible? A world so disgusting? With preachers so base? You know nothing of your ‘god’ because it simply doesn’t exist.”
Surely, you jest!” the man and preacher yell in unison.
“Then you all refuse to give up your lies…” The woman shakes her head with a laugh. “All of you!” she speaks to the congregation. “Come with me if you wish for the truth!” And the congregation follows suit. They reach the doors only slightly before I rise up.
“Stop!” I yell. “Don’t listen to them!” I plead. “Think for yourselves! Don’t take their lead! A God can surely exist. There’s no fiction in that. These Christians may have it wrong and right, dichotomies only ruin fact.” Confusion sweeps the congregation and the preacher, man, and woman glare in anger. “From my point of view, it exists away from all of us. It can be any one of us, though far from perfect we are! Just look at the stars and listen to your heart! You’ll understand if you can reason with logic…” Silence sweeps them all before a murmur erupts.
“Liar…” says one. “Fake…” says another. “What a mess…” cries out a third. “I’m tired this!” scream the rest.
“C’mon!” yells the woman. “Let’s leave this fake to his lies!” And all follow, including the man and preacher alike. Alone, I am left. My loneliness masks my hurt. In a world full of believers and non-believers alike, there’s nothing worse than a moderate.

Fate drives me.


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