Friday, August 3, 2012

Missing Pieces

 Hey it's Sabrina Black. 

My inspiration for this piece comes from one of my closest companions that I have lived with for years. They have gone through entire life without a motherly figure. 

Mom in this story is caught up with addiction, loneliness, and forgetting those who are important to her (those who need her to see and hear the cries of her daughter wanting her back). Many people have gone through this in their lives. 

I hope you guys can relate. Just know that you don't give up and that she loves you.

"Missing Piece" by Una-Ros


There’s a part of me that is left empty.
The one I needed most wasn't there.
You are so unaware of my existence.
You don’t want me;
you don’t need me,
but I need you to guide me.

You’ve missed all of my years and all of my tears.
I haven’t tasted your love,
your voice.
I’m missing your warmth,
your lullaby,
but I’ll never know what it’s like
‘cause you’re missing.

If I don’t have you in my life,
I might find myself with a jagged edge— 
All caught up in my darkness.
I feel abandoned and unloved by your motherly touch.

You disappear and get lost in your world.
You forget that I exist, do you remember me or I'm I  just a ghost?
Please don't let me be that child in the window
Waiting for a second chance
           waiting for love
           waiting for hope

You’ve missed all of my years,
all of my tears.
I’m lost without you.

I need your love,
your voice.
I’m missing your warmth,
your lullaby.

I’m missing you.

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