Friday, August 10, 2012

Desirable Love

Hey guys its Sabrina Black latly I've been feeling an interest doing a love piece. It's just a inspiration that I got from the feeling of love and having a desire. To be thristy for love or want it to last forever and ever. Love isn't what you see in Disney movies where the princess loses her slipper or gets locked in a tower with a beast. It's much more than a fairy tale it's more than words can describe.

"Desire" by PardonMyFate

When I look at you, I can see your soul. When I look through your eyes, I see a story full of untold pain. I see that I could heal you with my love. I will always be there, even when I’m gone.
You are my desire. You are a part of me that will never fade. You are my bridge and the fire within me. I know you will never leave in my dire need. You are my desire.
Every night, I look at the moon shining down, wondering if you are thinking of me. The stars tell an untold story of hope, life, and the future that no one can decipher. You are my desire.
The history we had still boils in my heart. Our love for each other is still there. Seeing you with someone else makes my see that I ended something so precious.
The sight raises a storm inside me—a storm of jealously, pain, and tears. Knowing that I gave you up makes me feel regret… You are my desire
Memories pop up like fireworks and bring me smiles. Us laughing…joking…holding hands, being together always! Sometimes we must say goodbye, but I still remember you.
You are my desire. You will always be a part of me that will never fade…You are my bridge and the fire within me…I know you won’t leave me in my dire need...
You are my desire.


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