Friday, August 24, 2012

A new storm

Hey it's Sabrina Black for this piece the inspiration comes from a struggling past full of mistakes that I've seen with people around me but for me its the mistakes that anger my heart. You look back and think man why did I ever make that choice or why did this happen the way it did. Though life questions like this ponder and make you have a curious mind. You can't change the past but what you can do is change your future though what you have learned. Hope you guys like it  and can  relate to my piece.


Tears fall out of the night sky above souls that have pain in their hearts. Light that touches the bare ground strobes. The sound of power vibrates the earth. Like horses pounding wild and free—like thunder over the land—there’s a storm inside all of us.

No shelter, no protection, exists from the hidden pain inside all of us—a feeling of chains bound to our hands and feet. No one to turn to. A feeling of loneliness and no future. Can’t face another day without knives in your heart. For what you did is unforgiveable. Shame covers your heart; a darkness consumes you. Drowning in pain and suffocating slowly. Can’t turn back time.

Suddenly a ghostly shadow wearing white appears. He whispers: “Where are you, my child? I love you and now you are free and saved. The sun will come and dry up your tears.” This mysterious figure is saving you from the shadows of your sin. Take his hand and let him in your stormy heart.

You will find love. Love will come to you in ways you won’t expect it. Don’t give up. You’re too precious to quit. The light of another day will bring you new delights.

Now you write it.
Sabrina Black

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