Wednesday, August 29, 2012


First of all, let me remark at the name change was completely unexpected and strange to see when I had no clue it was about to happen. That being said, we’ll just have to go with it.

So you guys know that little piece I wrote called 'Annie'?
Well, I decided to flesh it out into a larger story instead of a twisted, third-person narration. This is the first part I have. Don't worry, it doesn't stay normal. Things start getting weird, trust me. :P
Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this piece and I will be working hard on the next part.
Grace be with you all,

"Annie dear, it's time for breakfast!" her mother called out from the bottom of the stairs. Awakening to the sound of her mother insisting that she wake get up along with the smell of freshly cooked pancakes and bacon, Annie quickly grabbed some clothes and ran downstairs to receive her prize. Not missing a beat, Annie swung on the banister, sliding across the kitchen floor and landing right into her seat where she was faced with a plate piled with pancakes and bacon.
"Is this all for me?" Annie asked teasingly.
Her mother chuckled, "No, sweetheart you gotta save some for your father, now go ahead and grab a plate and eat up. School starts in a half hour."
As she was eating her pancakes, in the background she heard her phone go off in the family room. Annie dropped her fork and ran into the next room with a mouthful of pancakes.
"Annie, who is that this early in the morning?"
She first gulped down her last bite and said, "Oh, no one just a spam message."
But they both knew she was lying, luckily her statement wasn't questioned, rather ignored. Annie sat on the couch, and looked at her phone. That's weird, this number is blocked. How do numbers get blocked on texts? That doesn't even make sense; this stupid phone is probably glitching again.
She continued to read the message, 'ARE YOU READY?' it read.
Ready? Ready for what? She had to know who this was.
Her phone vibrated only seconds later.
Her face became pale, and she just sat there in silence, wishing it weren’t true. 

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