Thursday, August 23, 2012


photo by Kristen Nicholl
I find myself at a time of huge inspiration drawn from a completely wonderful friend...but hardly do I have any time to write. It's kind of pissing me off... Oh well, I guess that's the life of a college student, eh?

This next piece is about a week or two old and was drawn from the ideas generated by the picture to the left (which is also the blog's background image).

Let me know what you think. Next week will be another video installment from me and (hopefully) some fresh writing. 

"One like no other"

“She puts too many thoughts in my mind,” I whisper, half dead. My back against the stony ground, my will against the world…The sun comes down so brightly, and the dull ache in my skull only worsens. “I wonder if she knows what she’s doing.” I sigh, the heavy motion pushing another stone into my back. I wince but convince myself to leave it. “At least pain means I’m still alive.”
“Hi!” she whispers in my mind. “What’s your name?”
“What’s my name, eh?” I smirk. “Like that ever mattered.” Back-track a few months, back to when we first met on a bet from my best friend. “ ‘Go get her!’ he said. ‘You’ll have fun!’ he said.” My heart jumps as I remember the first kiss we both enjoyed. The sweet taste of the raspberries she enjoys still lingers. “Why couldn’t everything be so good?” And so the sun shines down. “I swear I’ll never fall for her again.” So I get up and brush the stones from my bare back.
“Steven!” she yells from our house not far away. “Come back in, there’re clouds rolling in.” I follow without concern, a heavy mind dragging behind.
The rain soon follows and so do my regrets. By our humble fireplace her eyes shine so radiantly, I can’t help but want a taste. A stunning smile and a jealous kiss. How could I possibly resist? I’ll always be falling and wanting her on my mind.

Fate drives me.

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