Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Hey guys it's Aulene!!! OK so I wrote this piece about a month or so ago. I had a friend; she was my best friend for two years then stopped talking to me with no warning or reason. Through writing this piece I realized that I didn't need her. I could stand alone without someone there to hold me up, and I didn't owe her anything.
She didn't own me.
I just had to stand up for myself.

I know you’ve probably had an experience like this.
Let me know what it was and how it ended.

Just remember, you are stronger than you think.
You just need to realize who is truly there for you.

Comment. I love you guys!!! Thanks!!! <3


Take your guard down
It's more fun.

To live life on the edge

She told me to live a little
So I did.

I took down my wall
I lived!
Feeling as free and happy as  I could be

It felt so right
"Just in time" I said

Then it was gone

All my light and support
She left without a word

Leaving me stranded
With a-whole-lot of nothing

Nothing to help me up...
Nothing to keep me standing

So I try.

I try to stand and run
Knowing what I have lost
I bend to you no more


Why did you tell me to take it down?
You knew
You knew it would hurt

Two years of fun.
All to let me fall

Have a nice life

~ Aulene


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