Friday, February 3, 2012

The Hanged Man

For all of you without knowledge of what "The Hanged Man" signifies, it is the twelfth of in the numerical series of Major Arcana. In general, The Hanged Man stands as a martyr before the world which is more than willing to crucify him for what he has done wrong (in their eyes). Nonetheless, he finds acceptance in his fate because everything he once knew and loved has been destroyed just as he is about to be. Still, he doesn't worry because Death is soon to follow. 

Keep this in mind as you read through this poem. 


"Sanctuary Before the Damned"

Standing still atop the world,
I prepare myself to fall.
Once more, the knife slips
and refuses to spill it all.

Yet, happiness, in my heart,
grows stronger with life.
Darkness recoils quickly,
as it has misjudged my strife.

Instead, before you all,
I gaze out upon the crowd.
Light's in these happy thoughts.
Depression is its shroud.

Wondering now what to do
the darkness screams defeat.
Gravity makes my wings,
lighted grounds will be my treat.

"To heaven!" I scream aloud.
"To hell!" you all scream back.
Terror never shook my brain;
For fear is what I lack.

Assure yourself that I lived
for solely freedom's sake.
Now make me your martyr;
Burn me first at the stake.

Your sins will one day
put you in your place.
Yet, only absolution exists
in the smile on my face.

Sir Conan Doyle, be my inspiration. Fate, let me solve this mystery.
~Edited by Sharon~

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