Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lovely Liars

Anora Anakaya is having a bit of writers block, so I (your friendly-neighborhood-demon-of-greed) have decided to use this opportunity to post a newer poem before I start a new project tomorrow. Both today and tomorrow's posts go along with the Valentine's theme that this week has focused on in the United States. While this poem focuses on a type of haunted indecision born from love unrealized, tomorrow's goes with the reality and hope surrounding such an event. So, don't miss out!

Anyways, enough rambling from me. If you haven't already skipped to the poem, here it is:


“Indecision, my love...You ruin me with indecision...”


Cry, Cry, bend and cry.
Bow, complain, and die.
Give me hate, or sorrow...
Take my life tomorrow.


Words like these give up and go home.
Guts like these tire, dry up and die.
Who can I be? There’s the myst’ry!
Life, naive and tame, still must end.

Maybe I’ve fallen for you.
Pos’bly my heart knows secrets.
Let Alex come to light just once;
For greed may now seek justice.


“Tomorrow, worlds will be bright.
Tomorrow, I’ll be alright.”
“Tomorrow,” my tone will sing.
Simply, let Big Brother ring.

Poems of old have gone dry.
Their ideas now kill reason.
Yet, still, I read them through.
But still, I can’t find reason.


Memories call you “my love”.
Emotions should say nothing.
I gave you up long ago;
She continues to scream away.

My head still must pound away.
Love should still be meaningless.
Please, just leave me here alone.
These sins, I will never miss.

...but I'll hold your hand until the end; for you're sweeter than life itself


~Edited by Sharon

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