Sunday, February 5, 2012

Take Me

Hay Guys it's Aulene! I wrote this peace last week and I had no real insperation to begin with but through out it I found one. I am so happy right now so this is actouly going to be happy piece. I value your inputs so please share your thoughts and comment. Thank you!!!!

"Take me"

Take me as I am
Love me with no change
Take on the world with me

I am loud
I am original
I stand out
Take me as I am

Be crazy with me
Wake e up inside
Act a fool to make me laugh
Take me as I am

Dance at random times with me
Love me when I need it most
Smile and laugh
Take me as I am

Kiss me in the rain
Show me off
Hold me close
Take me as I am

Feel who I am
Feel who you are
Who we could be
Take me as I am

My dark
You'r light
My haven
Take me as I am

My home
Where I dwell, and thought
thought it would be nice if it were only real
Take me as I am

But I found you
I will love you forever, but only if
You take me as I am

-edited AAA

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