Monday, February 13, 2012

The Totschlyger

Okay guys, well I am going to take a little break from the Whispers, being that I haven't been able to completely focus on the story recently, but this story is called "The Totschlyger"; this is German for "The Killer". I hope you like it!
, Alex S.


I ran across the rooftops.

Heart racing, feet pounding, this was my time.

I had only minutes to reach the target before he would be gone, escaping my grasp. I bounded over a chimney, and used my momentum to thrust myself forwards over a gap and landed a perfect summersault. Not missing a beat I darted to my right and leaped off the side off buildings roof, just seconds later I grabbed onto a flag line, flipped twice and landed on my feet. I stood there, trying to catch my breath, glancing to either side making sure that no one had seen me drop down. I rushed down the narrow misty streets of industrial Berlin.

I saw in the distance a large spotlight at the front of a cargo ship, lighting the area in front of the ship. This is my stop. I came up on bridge and ducked behind the edge of the bridge. I waited for the cargo ship to come under the bridge for its last run for the night. What most, or actually almost no one, knew was that this boat was actually a communications center where secret messages where transmitted to and fro from Berlin. I didn't even know where the transmission went to, that wasn't my job. I was just the hit man, as my employers liked to call me. Personally I didn't like the term 'hit man'. It made me sound as if I were typical, or ordinary; I was the farthest thing from ordinary. Rather, I liked to think of myself as unorthodox. It was much more fitting for a person such as myself; I may be a killer, but I'm no maniac.

I peeked over the edge of the bridge, the ship was practically under me for I had timed this perfectly studying the exact times which the ship came and went. Now the ship passed under the bridge, and at that moment I jumped and my feet landed on hard iron. My fall had made a soft thump. It wasn't very loud, but on this silent night, it was easily heard. After several agonizing minutes I didn't have much time before one of the crew would come out and check things out.

I stood there, waiting for someone to come check out the noise. Nothing. I don't get it; I am on a secret mobile communications center, and they have no one watching out for intruders? Something was wrong, very wrong. Come on, just do what you came here to do. My breathing had become loud and ragged, and I instinctively cut the noise of my breathing, not wanting to give away my current position, if this was a setup, as it seemed. Now in order to get inside this ship, I would need a crew outfit, which was actually why I was expecting a guard to come out from inside the ship. I needed to get someone out here, and now, I was losing time; and time was of the essence.

To the right of me I see a small but heavy wrench, lying on the deck of the ship. Yes! This is perfect. I grabbed the wrench and tossed it on the ground, it hit the wooden deck with a loud thud. It was louder than I had wanted it to be, it was too late now I thought. I couldn't knock out more than one guard, otherwise I could end up in the frying pan. My employers had strictly requested that I only kill the target, without any "collateral damage." I heard the sound of a rusty door swing open, my shot wide open, my hands were starting to sweat under my leather gloves. I could hear every step the guard took and impatiently waited for the time to strike. Five more steps. Three more steps. I clenched my fingers together. One more step.. I was ready to pounce.

The guard appeared on my left side. Before he could react I was on top of him, and within seconds I had him in a headlock. The guard was struggling helplessly as I held him down. A smirk crept across my face, for my time was near. . .


"Do you think that he will complete the assignment?"

"I can't be sure of anything corporal, he is a German you know." The general responded, while lighting his cigar.

"What if he is a German spy and is just playing us?"

"I highly doubt that." The corporal leaned in closer, now curious why his commanding officer was so confident.

"You see, every man has a price, and because of this he like every man will go to no end to receive it."


I had to be quick if this were to be successful. I had already taken the guards' outfit, tied him up, and stored the body under the tarp covering the rafts. I swung the door open that led below the deck trying to look confident and cool. There was a white entrance hall and down about six feet was a hallway, which I assumed to go the length of the ship in either direction. It was quieter than I had been expecting, I figured I would see dozens of German workers carrying papers to and fro work places trying to decipher new codes. There was nothing, it was as if the whole ship were empty, but I knew that to be false, because someone had just come through this very door. I went to the beginning of the long corridor and looked down the right side, it was copmletely white and there seemd to be no doors or entrances of any kind. I looked over to my left, it was exactly the same.What is this place?

I walked up to the end of the left corridor and examined the wall, looking for somekind of sign of a door. While I was lookig for a door, I thought back to the moment when I was hired for this assignment. . .

"You must be quick. You must be swift. This is no assignment for the faint of heart."

Dustan stood silent in response.

Not knowing what to say, the informant cleared his throat saying. "Well, I will take that as a yes."


"Well he is arriving on the midnight cargo ship in the captains quarters. Oh, and be forewarned this is no ordinary cargo ship."

"What do you mean?"

The informant drew himslef closer to Dustan, not wanting anyone to hear what he was about to say.

"You see, this ship is a communications relay for the Nazis' communications. One of Hitler's close assistants is being transported to a safehouse on that ship."

"What does he look like?"

He drew a picture from his pocket and handed it to Dustan.

Dustan glanced at it, and handed it back to the informant.

"You want him dead or alive?"

"Dead of course! Are you crazy to leave one of them alive!?"

Dustan was silent once again.

"Alright, listen up, the ship will be arriving in the South end of Berlin at twelve O' clock, and then you have a half hour to finish the job before they reach the port."

A boat whistle blew three times, behind them. The informant turned and headed toward the ship, but he turned around trying to look at his face, but only seeing the shadow that covered it. They both nodded, and he went on board the ship. . .

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