Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Discussion: Best Ongoing Manga Right Now

They rule the manga world in terms of popularity, but are they truly best?

So my friends, today is my 100th post on Life in Fiction! So I thought I would open another discussion topic, seeing as it been awhile since the last one. :) This one will go out to our anime/manga fans out there! The question is: What is the best Ongoing Manga Series at the moment in your opinion? This basically means which series that has not ended yet. So, for example, Bleach, Naruto, Kenichi, and One Piece would all be allowed. Dragon Ball, Full Metal Alchemist, and Cardcaptor Sakura would not be however. Now, there are some limitations on which series you can choose from:

1. The series cannot have less then 200 chapters
2. The series must be a manga, not just an anime
3. If the anime and manga have completely different storylines, then you are basing your vote off the manga.

Now, there are also a few recommendations but not requirements. One, you have read the manga before that you are choosing, and are up to date on it. Secondly, when you choose the manga you think is best, that you go based off of the entire series, not just one arc. Third, attempt to keep spoilers to a minimum. Lastly, I ask that you back up your thoughts with evidence for your reasoning. It makes your statement more credible.

Now then, as far as my own opinion, it was an increasingly difficult choice. When I started the draft for thism I was almost locked on my decision of it being Naruto. But as I began to give every manga a fair chance, I was increasingly hard-pressed to stay that way. I managed to narrow down my selection to four manga: Fairy Tail, One Piece, Naruto, and Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Out of these four, I had to ask which arcs had the most feel and passion to them, and how much of it felt as if it flowed well? After these questions, I was able to eliminate Fairy Tail (though it is my favorite manga) and Reborn , with only Naruto and One Piece left. This was easily the toughest decision I have made in a while, and those who know me would understand the weight that carries. But in the end I had to go with....

ONE PIECE!!!!!!!!

© Momosei

I chose this for multiple reasons. I'll start with my biggest criteria, characters. And not just the main ones, but the side ones as well. One Piece, better then any series I have ever seen, makes you care in someway about every character. Not only does One Piece have more characters then any story I have ever seen, but they also have more vital and fan loved characters then any series out there either. Not to mention each main character has an incredibly and emotionally enticing backstory. Also, one of the most enjoyed parts of One Piece is trying to figure out who the next member of the main character's, Monkey D. Luffy, crew will be. Not to mention that have a whole assortment of extremely memorable villians, and hasn't true relied on any singular villain for an extended section of the manga.  The story also brought a strong argument. The was simple enough on the surface, but the thing it had going for it was the amazing amount of detail put into it. Any up to date reader would say that there's no way Eiichiro Oda could have made the plot for One Piece as he went, there are far to many minor details that eventually piled up to not only open a new series of questions, but answer plenty of old ones while still leaving you with a main plotline to follow. Plus, all of these extra pieces flow effortlessly, without seeming forced to make the story move. However, for the most part, Naruto matched each of those things in my eyes. The one thing that put One Piece over the top was the fact that it still has so far to go despite being the longest of the top three mangas out there right now. Naruto is seemingly hading towards the end of the series, Bleach is just starting it's final arc, and the remaining didn't outdo One Piece in any of the previously mentioned categories. With all this said, One Piece came out on top for me, but what about you? Leave your comments below and give me your thoughts!


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