Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day Sorrow

Ahhh... its Valentines day... And while many of us think of love, there are still a few who think of sorrow and heart break. So I thought i'd pull a hipster move and post a poem about a breakup and the sorrow of it. Because what is love, if there is no hate?


What's inside her

Where should I begin?
the way you shift your eyes?
or that devious grin?

The way you smile as you turn the blade
of the knife in my back, an attack I cannot evade.

No amount of paint, can hide the stains
Of the heart you betrayed, or its bloody remains

Your eyes they move towards me
as if to entice me with a spell
your kiss was the key
for it left me in hell

No matter how much i try to deny it
your shadow still haunts me
and my will cannot begin to fight it

They say pretty is as pretty does
and that you only find true love once

Well i lived through hell, and i walked through fire
I met the devil herself, and it too so long to see
that beauty is external, and its not what's inside her.


Much love...

Joseph W.

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Quinton said...

May I take a bow for your orginality my friend haha