Monday, February 27, 2012


Okay guys, I actually wrote this for an assignment a couple of days ago. I know lame, right? But this is something that I feel, I have put my heart and feelings into, and wanted to share. Thanks and enjoy! :)


It's summer time, and the first thing I think about are bright, vibrant orange, reds, and yellows. It is days such as these that make me grateful for being alive; having people around me that love me and make me happy. The air is clean like that after a rainstorm. The sun is rising; peaking over the mountains, I see the mist circling around like magic.

If heaven is anything like I am seeing or feeling I would not need anyone else to make me happy. But that isn't entirely true, there is one girl that is on my mind that I know, in my heart, I would not be happy in such a paradise unless she was there to share it with.

Images of her face fill my mind. Her smooth smooth voice resonates; her presence is so real I can her breath on my neck as shes whispers in my ear. I can feel myself losing my grip on reality, the trees, the grass, and the light; they are all fading as I fall into a slumber with peace, and tranquility in my soul.

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