Tuesday, February 7, 2012



Eli Manning now has double the number of Super Bowls as Peyton Manning. May the great Manning Debate begin.

As many of you may know, The New York Giants have won their second Super Bowl against the New England Patriots. Eli Manning earned his second Super Bowl MVP, second Super Bowl title, and maybe most importantly punched his ticket to the Hall of Fame. Yet, he could just as likely go down as one of the most underrated quarterback of all-time. Despite out-preforming his older brother in many major categories this season, Eli was still considered to be nothing more then a serviceable QB. Despite playing in the biggest Market in America, Eli is considered to as nothing more then a decent QB because he is slightly worse then his brother. So in order to honor a Quarterback who should go down as one of the greatest ever, here is my Annual Championship post:


Out of the Shadows

Bright Lights,
High Lights.
Pressure peaking,
Legacies on the line.
“He’s not his brother.”
Fratello hears everywhere.
Fratellone stealing the media
In the wake of fratello biggest moment.
“He’s won one before.”
His believers say.
“It was all just luck,”
His doubters complain.
Drop back, set your feet,
Completion on the way.
Drop back, escape the rush,
Lose credit for another ‘miracle play’.
But you, the big man in the Big Apple,
Continue to move on regardless.
Fourth quarter, it’s your time now,
Your one Shining Moment.
Because in all the years, no one’s known,
Just how much you have endured for it.
Drop Back, Set your feet,
First down Catch!
Drop Back, Set your Feet,
Touchdown Salsa Dance!
Little David, you’ve won!
You beat Mr. Goliath.
Now go on Elite giant,
You have another ring waiting.
While you are simply fitting,
For that future yellow jacket.


~edited by Sharon

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