Thursday, February 23, 2012

Check this Series Out!

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So a lot of big things are in the works, both for the blog and for me personally. Check back later for news about the blog!! As for me, first of all I’ve decided to be an English major in college. My world felt at peace right after I came to that conclusion, and I am thankful that I am not worrying about what I will do with my degree after I graduate. Also, I love English. So it works and I am happy with my decision. Secondly I am enrolling in school which means that I won’t have nearly as much free time. Unfortunately this means my writing may be put on hold, but in the greater scheme of things it will all work out. So in the meantime my post will be about books that I have found. They could be current reads like this week, books that I want to read, or books that I really didn’t care for. I often find myself looking for good suggestions, and I’d like to be the source that our readers turn to.

Greywalker Series

As of late I have been reading a series of books written by Kat Richardson. She’s a very interesting woman, and I like the world she’s created. The series is about a private investigator named Harper Blaine who died, but miraculously lived and gained the ability to see ghosts and supernatural beings. She gains access to a whole different world which is known as The Grey.  Being able to interact with ghosts widens her client base for investigating, and her new ability leads her to meet some new friends. The series is based around her adventures and journey coping with her new ability. To find out more check out the books!

1.   Greywalker 
2.  Poltergeist 
3. Underground
5.  Labyrinth
6. Downpour

You can check out the author’s page by following the links below!

Happy Reading!

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