Thursday, January 6, 2011


Well we are about 7 days into 2011, and I can say that this is going to be an exciting year for me. 2011 holds a lot of new adventures in my life, and I am really looking forward to them all. One new thing for me is that I am trying to get a little healthier. I am cutting back on junk food, drinking more water and less pop, and working out three to four times a week. Another new event in my life is the beginning of my college career. I decided to wait to begin until I had a better idea of what I was going to major in because I like to have a goal to work towards. I have picked my major, enrolled, and paid for it all. I begin classes on Monday. The rest of my adventures are further away, but still exciting and major. In April, I will be taking my first ride in a plane, and I will be visiting Portland, Oregon for the first time. Then later down the line, I will be leaving dear old Ohio and moving to Oregon.

Do you guys have any New Year’s resolutions for 2011? Is there anything exciting going on in your life? I’d love to hear from the readers and see what 2011 has in store for all of you.

Here is a little more to the teaser I posted a few Thursdays ago.

Taking Chances

I gently rested my hand on his shoulder and leaned up on my toes until my lips reached his. When they connected I paused and stayed next to him for a while, trying to make the most of the moment. After a few moments, I slowly backed away.

“That wasn’t the dream kiss was it, Nat?” Zach finally asked as he took a seat on the park bench.

“Unfortunately, it wasn’t.” I answered. I could feel my cheeks turning bright red.

“Well at least we know now.” Zach said, his words sounded cheery, but his expression looked grim.

“I’m very sorry Zach. I thought I was right this time...” That was my lame attempt at making what just happened no big deal.

“Hope you have better luck with the next boy.” Zach said; his voice held a hint of anger.

I had known Zach my whole life, and I had never seen him look so hurt. A boy as gorgeous as Zach should never have to look like that, he should never be disappointed. He is the kind of boy everyone wants to make happy. The boy who had always been there for me, he had always been my best friend. He had always helped me get over the hurt other people had caused me, and now I had hurt him more than anyone before. This was not a good idea, I thought to myself.

“Well Nat, I’ve to get home, mom’s got dinner cooking and I don’t want to be late.” He said, forcing a smile. Then he stood up and walked away.


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