Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Great Wings of Dreams

Life seems to get harder
as the days go by
nothing is ever simple
not anymore.
are we drifting through life
on the wings of empty dreams
hopes that are just there
to keep us hanging on
too scared to take the risk
of jumping from the sky?
We don't want to see the ground
where the dreams have died.
They are seen on the ground
their great wings clipped by death
or the moment lost to chance.
Their broken bodies fill the ground
and we don't want to see ourselves down there.
But if we don't take that leap,
and fall on toward the ground,
Our dreams will never fly higher,
among the planets and stars.
Instead we'll keep on holding on
through hopes that should've died,
and we'll hang onto the the great wings of dreams
that we don't want to die.
We don't have the courage,
to see it all fail,
fail and fall,
fall to the ground.

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